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Lobbying for Restoration of the Wire Act Intensifies

Lobbying For Restoration Of The Wire Act Intensifies

In their ongoing efforts to restore the Wire Act, and once again make state regulated online gambling illegal—Sens. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) and Marco Rubio (R-Fla) introduced an accompanying bill to RAWA (S. 1668). The unlikely advocate, Las Vegas Sands Chairman Sheldon Adelson is still one of the bills most passionate vocal and financial supporters.

The National Association of Convenience Store’s (NACS) has hired the lobbying firm that chiefly wrote the RAWA. Currently, convenience stores monopolize the lottery ticket market, meaning that the more states that allow lottery tickets to be sold online, the more money they stand to lose.

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IRS Wants to Use Casino Marketing Tool to Track Player Winnings

IRS Wants to Use Casino Marketing Tool to Track Player WinningsAmong a casino’s most powerful marketing tools are, undoubtedly, their rewards and comps programs. Such programs reward gamblers by their frequency of visits to the casino and frequency of gambling. This means that player comp cards provide an in-depth log of gambling activity for each casino.

Currently, if a player wins more than $1,200, a reporting process with the IRS is taken care of at the casino. However, this means that when a gambler generates multiple small wins throughout the year, that their profits may be able to go under the radar.

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Mississippi Lays the Smack Down on Online Gaming

Mississippi Lays the Smack Down on Online GamingMississippi didn’t miss a beat at handing online gambling its lunch.

According to CS Report, lawmakers in the state who wanted to user in an era of regulated online gaming for lottery and sports betting have effectively been rebuffed.

Chairman of the Mississippi House Gaming Committee, Rep. Richard Bennett created the Internet Gaming and Sports Betting Task Force to introduce a study regarding the financial, legal consideration and technical aspects of online gambling. The results from the study showed very little interest in poker and more favorable interest towards sports betting.
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Quebec Tries to Blacklist Illegal Online Gambling

Quebec Tries to Blacklist Illegal Online GamblingGovernment officials in Quebec have decided they have had their fill of illegal online gambling.

Illegal online gambling, the new mainstream for gamblers, has been taking a toll on Quebec’s legal online gambling and officials are attempting to say enough is enough.

To create this blacklist, Quebec is budgeting money to mainstream blocking of any ISP addresses that lead to online gambling sites outside the country. The budget, which is now available online, is thoroughly explained in its 600-page outline. provides a snippet of the budget explaining, “For the purpose of curbing illegal online gambling, amendments will be made to the Consumer Protection Act, the Act respecting the Régie des alcools, des courses et des jeux [the RACJ is the Quebec agency that regulates the province’s alcohol, lottery, publicity contests, gambling, racing, and combat sports industries] and the Act respecting [Loto-Québec] so that Internet service providers are not allowed to provide access to an online gaming and gambling website whose name is on a list of illegal sites drawn up by Loto-Québec.”

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Rumble in the Desert: Lawyers Say Caesars Entertainment’s Buy of Caesars Acquisition Company Could Sheer Shareholders

Rumble in the Desert Lawyers Say Caesars Entertainment's Buy of Caesars Acquisition Company Could Sheer ShareholdersAs everyone knows, things are getting dicey in casino paradise.

Now shareholder rights attorneys at Robbins Arroyo, LLP are investigating the proposed acquisition of Caesars Acquisition Co. by Caesars Entertainment Corp. Just before the holidays, the two companies made an announcement that they had signed a “definitive merger agreement.”

Under the terms of the agreement, Caesars Acquisition shareholders will receive $8.96 for each share of Caesars Acquisition common stock based on the December 19, 2014 closing price.

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NCSL Opposes Adelson’s Quest for Outlawing Online Gambling

NCSL Opposes Adelson’s Quest for Outlawing Online GamblingOne year ago, there were three. And today, the same three remain – New Jersey, Delaware, and Nevada.

Although these states have already been established as lawful participants in the online gambling market, efforts are still being made to reverse any gains online gambling has made in the U.S. in recent years.

In August, the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) took a formal stance urging the federal government to continue to allow states to regulate their own gambling.

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Trump Plaza Closes, But Online Gambling Will Continue

Trump Plaza Closes, But Online Gambling Will ContinueOne of the requirements of legalized and regulated online gambling is that online casinos must be connected with a brick and mortar casino. However, there is a bit of a loophole. Trump Plaza in New Jersey is — following rampant speculation and expectations – closing its doors, but their London based online partner Betfair will be allowed to continue to operate until the Trump Plaza license is revoked.

At that point, Betfair will have to find another brick and mortar casino to partner with, or will have to shut down their website. Since Betfair already has a steady client base, partnering with another casino may not be too difficult unless it infringes upon contractual agreements with other online developers.

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Kern County California Wants to Pull the Plug on Internet Cafés for Gambling

A woman unplugs an electrical cordYeah, I’ll have a cheeseburger with fries and a Coke Biggie Sized. What, I thought this was a café? Oh, an Internet café, where you have multiple computers in one place and you can utilize the Internet in a public setting. Well Kern County has put the kibosh on real Internet cafés, but apparently there are Internet café’s online as well. Kind of like a group forum, or chat room.

The issue at hand with Internet cafés, according to onlinecasinoreport is, “it is very easy to participate in online gambling this way.” Phillip Walker, a member of the online café association of California says that, “all you need to do is visit these websites, get an ID, log into the account and then you can have access to online gaming.”

So, last time I checked, California hasn’t legalized online gambling. Consequently, “the FBI has warned players that they should think again before they visit these online gambling websites. The FBI website states that cyber companies and casinos that allow wagering or transferring of money for the purposes of gambling is strictly against the law.”

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Lawmakers Cracking Down on Bank Fraud Tied to Online, Mobile Gambling

The GOP Cracking Down On Bank FraudThe Justice Department has launched a federal investigation, researching consumer bank fraud in regard to many banks and payment firms turning a blind eye to unauthorized transactions.

It goes without saying that consumers rely on banks and payment firms to put safeguards in place to identify illegally withdrawn funds. But in the case of payday lenders, online casinos, and gun dealers many banks are ignoring their safeguards for their own financial gain.

The investigation is titled “Operation Choke Point” and it comes in response to a high volume of complaints of bank fraud and funds begin withdrawn without permission, reports.

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Online Gambling’s Impact on Internet Privacy Comes into Focus

Online Gambling’s Impact on Internet Privacy Comes into FocusWhen surfing the Internet, we all expect a certain level of anonymity. While we all know that our IP address can be recorded, as well as data gathered from web browsers, we all expect to have much of our personal information protected. In fact, there are many laws in place designed specifically for online consumer privacy. However, online gambling is changing internet privacy once and for all.

In order to offer online gambling, each state must ensure that their approved online gambling sites have built-in security features to ensure that gamblers are both of age, and from within the geographic boundaries of that particular state. While these protocols are essential and logical, it also means that more personal consumer information must be gathered by doing far more than typing an age or address into the appropriate on-screen fields.

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