888 Holdings Seeks U.S. Online Gambling Expansion

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888 Holdings Seeks U.S. Online Gambling ExpansionThe Telegraph yesterday reported that 888 Holdings plans to follow upcoming online gambling launches in Nevada, New Jersey, and Delaware by moving into California, New York, and Florida.

888 Holdings has online poker, casino, bingo, and sports betting operations primarily in the UK and Europe.  After the online gambling crackdown in 2006, 888 was forced out of the US. The US market now, however, is slowly opening back up.

According to 888 Holdings CEO, Brian Mattingley, while regulatory challenges have delayed plans, a tie-up with Las Vegas hotel Caesars is expected to launch soon. Mattingley hopes that Delaware and New Jersey follow suit in the coming months.

As more players have used their services on smartphones and tablets, 888 Holdings have seen an increase in first-half profit.

“It really is new territory for them [the US regulators],” Mattingley said. “It’s been a long slow journey but it’s getting faster.  There are now nine more states considering [legalizing online poker]. California is beyond doubt the biggest prize, and between California, New York, New Jersey and Florida that’s 50pc of the potential market.”

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