AGA Touts Expanded Offerings in ‘By the Book’

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AGA Touts Expanded Offerings in 'By the Book'A great way to kick off the new year, the American Gaming Association has expanded the key offerings of a vitally important resource available to regulators, media and gaming industry professionals.

The resource in question is used “to better understand the complex gaming regulatory landscape.” The source

The American Gaming Association’s (AGA) By the Book has received a major update with the addition of Tribal gaming policies and regulations that cover 28 states.

By the Book, if you’re not familiar, is a “first-of-its kind resource that allows stakeholders to easily compare key facts about the regulatory environment” in various states.

“AGA is playing a crucial role in highlighting the complex regulatory landscape the casino gaming industry and regulators often navigate, and the addition of Tribal gaming information to By the Book makes it an invaluable resource for a wide range of stakeholders,” said Geoff Freeman,  AGA president and CEO. “This interactive database will help us to advocate for better policies and regulations that will allow gaming companies to innovate, reinvest and create jobs.”

To check it out, click here.

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