Bahamas Investigating Online Gambling

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Bahamas Investigating Online GamblingIn a recent post on, it was noted how the Bahamas are usually a hot tourist destination due to things like beaches and the casino scene. The idea of the Bahamas as a major tourist attraction isn’t news. However, as the article mentions, the Bahamas are looking for ways to recover income that is lost during the storm season. Not only is the physical location harmed by the inclement weather but so is the financial part because tourists often want to avoid dangerous storms or at the least, will stay in during the storms.

The financial hit that businesses take is highlighted by the quote, also for the Online-Casinos article, from Uri Clinton, a Baha Mar Casino & Hotel representative, “During the hurricane season, when nobody wants to travel to the Bahamas, we still have thousands of employees to support, we still have hundreds of local vendors and contractors to pay”.

As a way to supplement this loss, the Bahamas are looking to legalize online gambling in their territory so that even if weather is poor, casinos may still have an opportunity make the money that is currently being lost due to the unpredictable storm season that runs from June to November. According to, a conference will be held in the Bahamas in September on regulating online gaming and Uri Clinton will also speak and plans to “provide information on the legalization of online gambling from a global perspective.”

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