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Betfair Cans Canadian ServicesAccording to published reports Monday, Canadians are losing access to the services provided by Betfair.

The company’s gambling products are being pulled in Canada. Betfair made the announcement ahead of the weekend.

“The email read that as of January 14th of 2016, Betfair will no longer offer their products in Canada,” 4Flush explains. “Residents of Canada will no longer be able to place wagers after this date and the website will be closed to customers in the country. Any outstanding bets with the sportsbook will be cancelled and players will not be able to place new exchange bets. All gaming products will be blocked to Canadians.”

Exchange bets will be kept in place until the 14th of January so players are advised to manage any positions that are open in advance of the date announced. Players are also asked to withdraw any winnings or leftover cash by the date of the 14th. After this time, players will not be able to withdraw any funds unless the helpdesk is contacted.

So why is Betfair bolting from Canada? As of this writing, the company hasn’t provided an excuse for the seemingly out-of-left-field decision.

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