Have Casino Marketers Forgotten About Those Three Little Letters?

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Have Casino Marketers Forgotten About Those Three Little LettersDoes SEO still matter in casino marketing?

According to Martin R. Baird, a casino consultant and chief executive officer of Robinson & Associates, the modern importance of casino SEO in casino marketing should called into question.

For years, gaming properties have been pushed to do casino SEO and pay-per-click advertising to drive traffic to their website, Baird explains. In 2014, that is a “catastrophic mistake.”

“Casino SEO is dead,” says Baird. “Key words no longer matter. Casino reviews at online review sites are far more important.”

Baird offered up some potential reasons for why casinos should stop focusing on SEO.

For starters, SEO is like living in the past, Baird says. Casino marketing directors and key executives probably remember being pressured to get their property’s website found by Google and Yahoo.

“You were told to throw marketing money at casino SEO so your site would be found by your customers when they typed in the appropriate key words,” Baird noted. “You may have hired outside services to promote your site so you were listed in the top 10 search results in Google. That is now a waste of time, energy and money. SEO is the past, not the future.”

Additionally, he advises, key words no longer matter. At one time, Google looked for specific words in a website and, if it found them, decided the site must be important, Baird.

“Thus, Google used these words to identify a site and rank it,” Baird explains. “This is very logical, but people gamed the system and Google had to make changes. Thus, key words went out the window. Casino marketers know that Google is always making changes to its algorithm and they also know what that means – what worked yesterday may not work today.”

The time that was spent on casino SEO over the past few years is becoming less valuable by the minute, according to Baird. “Casinos that want to be found by new customers need to embrace new tools and solicit customers to share their feedback,” he concludes. “It won’t be long before the competition catches on, too. Casinos need to utilize this hidden opportunity to get found online and generate new guests for their property.”

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