Are Casino SMS Marketing Efforts Too Conservative?

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Are Casino SMS Marketing Efforts Too ConservativeLas Vegas has never been a town known for being meek and mild. But when it comes to Sin City’s embrace of mobile marketing – and, in particular, SMS marketing – some say that the biggest players in the casino and gaming industries are still far too conservative with their SMS strategies.

While SMS success stories abound, there could – and should – be more of them. And with time, experts say, there will be. But the casinos, hotels, and resorts in Las Vegas need to step up their efforts.

And they need to do it today.

“What they [casinos] are missing is immediacy,” says independent marketing consultant Mike Caineworth. “The mobile channel lets you reach customers anytime, anywhere. They could be doing so much more.”

As mGamingWatch has often reported with regard to the shortcomings of SMS marketing strategies in the gaming industry today, Caineworth believes that SMS can be more effective if its deployment is broadened beyond the “simple and subtle” uses we’re seeing these days.

If a patron or gamer is willing to receive texts, he says, it’s important not to abuse that invitation through incessant messaging, but also to be aggressive enough to really make it worth the consumer’s while.

“People come to Vegas to gamble, eat, and soak up the endless entertainment,” Caineworth explains. “This is one occasion on which marketers can afford to be more aggressive because Las Vegas vistors or regulars want to be marketed to for their own enlightenment. If there’s a hot new game in town or a great buffet special, you’ll be hard pressed to find an SMS subscriber of yours that wouldn’t want to hear about any last-minute deals of opportunities you have to offer.”

Caineworth’s bottom line advice? “Step on the gas and get aggressive.”

To learn more about mobile marketing and the rapidly evolving regulatory environment surrounding how mobile marketing is done in the gaming and hospitality industries, check out mGamingWatch’s recent emergency webinar featuring a host of gaming industry and legal experts.

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