Coral Gaming Sorry for SMS Spam Attack

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Coral Gaming Sorry for SMS Spam AttackCoral Gambling Group is cleaning up after a messy SMS fiasco of epic proportions.

Last weekend, players began received an incessant number of mobile marketing messages.

And Coral never meant to send them.

The “annoying and repetitive text messages” pelted cell phones regarding the online gaming platform cultivated by the UK gambling operator.

“You know how you can always type ‘stop’ when you want to opt out or don’t want to receive any more alerts, well that didn’t work in this case,” CS Report notes. “The promotions text kept rolling in with tons of players receiving more than six total within just a few hours. Some players even went as far as filing complaints with the Information Commission’s Office.”

The crew at Coral, not surprisingly, was humiliated. And as a result of the ordeal, they issued an apology.

“Today, we experienced a serious technical issue and you may have received multiple SMS communications,” the company said in a written statement. “We sincerely apologize for this technical error and assure you that we continue to take your data security and preferences very seriously, and that we will take all necessary steps to ensure that this error cannot be repeated.”

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