Currents In-App Service Looks to be a Game Changer

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Currents In-App Service Looks to be a Game ChangerThe team behind Currents announced Tuesday that they are aiming to change the way the typical social news app works by moving the social news feed into other apps, “seamlessly integrating various media sources into a single easy-to-navigate, channel-based in-app stream.”

Calling it a groundbreaking and conveniently versatile in-app service, the Currents crew says that the offering allows users to custom select the news, video and other social media channels they want, presenting them all in a single consolidated view.

Users can easily multitask between the host app and Currents feed, swiping Currents from compact to full mode when the social media context indicates a headline may be of particular interest. Without requiring any log in, Currents keeps ongoing access to hundreds of news and entertainment sources, all in a simple, channel-based format.

“We’re all increasingly plugged in and we want to know what’s going on and what’s happening now, no matter what we’re currently engaged in,” says Mobile Delux CEO and Co-Founder Josh Hartwell.  “But most social news apps want you to stay within their confines, greatly limiting the users’ ability to browse and discover. On the other hand CURRENTS lives in-app – virtually any app – and allows users to follow any headline they choose, and browse further if they find something else of interest, all while not losing their place within their original game or app.”

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