Delaware Partners With Nevada For Online Gambling

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Delaware is still one of only three states to legalize online gambling, but as of yet their online gambling revenues have been dismal. In an effort to encourage more residents to gamble online, Delaware has partnered with 3 Nevada casinos.

Per the agreement that state officials approved in February of last year, Delaware residents over the age of 21 years old can participate in online poker though Nevada websites for Delaware Park, Downers Grove, and Harrington Raceway casinos.

According to Delaware Online, the hope is that by expanding both the selection of games, and offering online gambling with some of the more noteworthy Las Vegas casinos, an uptick in revenue will soon follow.

The ability to play online poker with Nevada residents is expected to appeal to the competitive nature of many poker players, as well as make online gambling more fun. On top of that, some Delaware residents are more secure with the thought of gambling online with larger Las Vegas casinos.

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