Delaware’s Online Gambling Numbers Remain in Check While Nevada’s Folded in August

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Delaware’s Online Gambling Numbers Remain in Check While Nevada’s Folded in AugustSummer is over and Delaware’s online gambling numbers have remained the same.

According to, “Delaware online gambling revenues remained almost exactly the same in August as they were in July, rising 0.2 percent month-over-month.”

On the contrary, Delaware’s online poker numbers have gone up significantly. In fact, Delaware’s online poker market “saw their revenues increase by 23 percent as the market continues to bounce back from its summer lows.”

Gaming companies in Delaware were understandably very happy about that news.

According to the same report, “In total, the state’s Internet gambling operations took in $172,854.50, or about $350 more than they did in July.”

Though Delaware had a good end to their summer quarter, Nevada cannot say the same thing. Nevada started strong with the online World Series of Poker (WSOP), but their numbers in August plummeted.

Nevada’s online poker revenues were down more than 22 percent month-over-month in August, dropping to $742,000.

Nevada hoped to avoid that drop with the WSOP at the end of July. Unfortunately, that was not the case due to most of the online players returning to brick and mortar casinos in Nevada instead to finish out their summer vacation, and to attend the live poker festival.

Nevada has some plans to turn their numbers around however. Coming soon 888 is planning to make a joint poker network with WSOP in addition to enabling a traffic share with Delaware.

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