Distinguished Gaming Executives Land on Board of Atlantis Gaming Corporation

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MGW learned Thursday that Atlantis Gaming Corporation (AGC) has signed two of the Gaming industry’s most high-profile executives and an Inventor’s Hall of Fame Inductee to its Board of Directors.

Per the details hared, Las Vegas sports wagering and gaming executive John J. English, the man widely recognized for his global gaming expertise including Asia and Latin America, has joined the AGC BOD and will oversee and advise on the company’s platform development and content provision.

“To have such an iconic sports betting figure as John J. English on our BOD sends a clear message that we are very serious about this business and in creating a regulatory and compliant platform,” says Founder and Chairman of AGC, Donald Bailey, in today’s news release.

AGC also announced the appointment of Gary Green to the Board.

Mr. Green, a former Vice President of Marketing for Trump Hotels and Casinos, is widely recognized as a leading gaming executive, slot machine company guru, and casino developer.

“The addition of Gary Green to our BOD brings another high level casino-industry professional with insider knowledge,” Bailey adds.

On the technology front, AGC has signed Internet pioneer Victor B. Lawrence to its BOD.

“It is an honor for our company and remarkable validation of our technology to have such a renowned person join our BOD,” said Bailey.

Mr. Lawrence, a 2016 Inductee to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s National Inventors Hall of Fame. He’s credited for inventing the telecommunications signal processing that made the high-speed internet possible.

Internet expert Lawrence joins a BOD made up of luminaries from multiple disciplines and top gaming companies.

“The addition of these two gaming industry stalwarts and an Internet pioneer firmly establishes us as leaders actually in the industry, not outsiders looking in,” Bailey affirms in today’s release.

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