Europe Welcomes The First Real-Cash Social Casino

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Europe Welcomes The First Real-Cash Social CasinoIt’s official—Slot Craze will be the first real-money social casino in Europe. Presented by social gaming extraordinaire Win, Slot Craze will roll out their game Teddy Pets one country at a time as the first real-cash social casino.

With their well-established relationship with social gamers, the launch is expected to do quite well. Since their launch in February of 2013, they already have over 1.5 million active users. Some prefer to game on Facebook, others on iOS devices.

The real-cash version of Teddy Pets will look the same as the free version, and will allow gamers to play up to 20 pay lines at a time. While Teddy Pets will be the first real-cash game launched by Slot Craze, user favorites such as Africa, Vegas Spins, and Lucky in Love are soon to follow.

How Much Revenue Does This Move Stand To Generate?

On the whole, 2013 online gambling revenue was around $35 billion. So how will that translate to social gaming revenues? In 2013, social casinos generated around $2.4 billion in revenue, and many believe that this will double in the next two years.

However, what is challenging to factor in is how many avid social gamers who rarely gamble with their money will adopt real-cash gaming since they can gamble on the games they already know and love?

While play-money versions of many real-cash games are still available, social gamers across Europe will soon be able to gamble when they want and play for free when they want.

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