Eventus-International to Host Casino Marketing Forum

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Argument Made for Why Government Credit Card Ban at Casinos is a Bad IdeaEventus-International, an independent global events company specializing in gaming conferences and exhibitions, is launching what it calls the CASINO MARKETING FORUM: “When Technology Meets Marketing.”

The forum commences in August this year at the Emperors Palace in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The FORUM, we’re told, was specifically created and designed to inspire and equip casino marketers and leaders with new ideas and new approaches to their challenges and to facilitate collaboration with some of the smartest minds in the field.

Today’s marketing professional is faced with a surge of marketing and digital innovations that are profoundly changing the marketing landscape. They are required to respond swiftly to stay ahead of digital trends while traditional marketing structures are straining to manage and adapt. Applying their trade within the vibrant, fast-paced and often volatile gaming environment, the role of the marketer is becoming increasingly important having to shoulder the enormous task of affecting almost every function at a casino property, and beyond.

“Launching the FORUM this year is particularly important”, said Yudi Soetjiptadi, Project Director at Eventus-International. “Casino marketers have an enormous task in keeping up with all the new digital and marketing innovations and developments, while at the same time executing in an economic environment that simply does not afford big marketing budgets and departments. And they have to perform. Delivering exceptional results that directly affect the bottom line of the casino property is part and parcel of why they are appointed.”

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