First Year of Online Poker for Delaware: Good or Bad?

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First Year of Online Poker for Delaware Good or BadIt’s been over a year since Delaware first started their online poker market, making it a perfect time to look back and see how it has affected the state and gambling in general. According to a recent wave of published reports, all three of the casinos that started online poker sites are still operating those platforms, which seems like quite the accomplishment, considering how much competition there is in the gambling industry.

Just because the sites are still in operation, however, does not mean that they are actually pulling in any revenues.

Revenue reports have been dismal, and predictions about traffic to these websites show that there isn’t much hope for improving these revenues in the short term. All three sites only amassed $32,305 in September. There just isn’t enough traffic to theses websites (which all pretty much share the same ring of players), for them to be as profitable as they were hyped to be before they were launched.

The solution, it seems to be, is to start pool sharing with Nevada. Nevada sees significant online gambling earnings and has improved website functionality, which will hopefully mean big things for Delaware, if they can secure the partnership. Drawing in traffic from other states where online gambling is more popular might be the saving grace of Delaware’s online poker industry.

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