Gaming Industry Pros Ready to Flex Political Muscle

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Gaming Industry Pros Ready to Flex Political MuscleAccording to a new report from the AGA, 62% of Nevada casino gaming employees say politicians frequently succumb to casino stereotypes rather than learning about the modern day industry and the 1.7 million jobs it supports.

This insight comes from the findings of a new survey released by the American Gaming Association.

Nearly 40% of Nevada’s casino employees say they will withhold their vote from candidates who express negative and misinformed opinions about gaming, the AGA notes.

The poll reveals that the vast majority of Nevada’s casino gaming employees – who constitute 15% of Nevada’s electorate – are remarkably focused on the campaigns, with three-quarters (73%) saying they are closely watching what candidates are saying. Further, 93% of gaming employees who are registered to vote say they are likely to cast a ballot in the general election.

“Nevada’s gaming employees are an electoral force to be reckoned with,” says AGA chief Geoff Freeman. “They are tired of antiquated rhetoric and the frequent patronizing of our industry. Candidates who take the time to understand casino gaming will be rewarded in Nevada and across the country when nearly one million casino employees in 40 states head to the polls on Election Day.”

To review all the findings from the survey results, click here.

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