‘Gateway App’: TripAdvisor Users More Likely to Own Airline, Hotel, or Other Travel App

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‘Gateway App’ TripAdvisor Users More Likely to Own Airline, Hotel, or Other Travel AppThere are “gateway drugs” — supposedly — and then there appear to be “gateway apps.”

According to a recent report authored by Strategy Analytics — “TripAdvisor: A Gateway App” — TripAdvisor users are on average 3 times more likely to own an airline, hotel, or OTA app than others.

The strategy Analytics research suggests that TripAdvisor “could be the travel industry’s key to finding an engaged audience.”

Data from AppOptix indicates that travel apps represent less than 1 percent of all mobile device sessions.

“Further, hotel and airline apps have a sub 3 percent installed base,” notes Strategy Analytics. “To say it is difficult to find engaged travel users on mobile is an understatement. However, TripAdvisor transcends these paradigms. It has an installed base in excess of 10 percent while also being highly correlated to ownership of other travel apps.”

“As TripAdvisor continues to define its mobile strategy – partnering with those in travel to promote their brands alongside highlighted destinations – could be a win for all in the industry,” says Josh Martin, the Travel Analytics Research Service Director. “In order to earn return on their app investments companies need to increase usage and TripAdvisor is a channel to finding those that are highly interested in travel.”

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