GSA Touts New Forum for Operators’ Business, Technical Challenges

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GSAAs stated once again this week by the GSA, operators play a crucial role in global standards and their adoption, and now, the organization is inviting operators to join its Operators Advisory Committee (OAC).

Per the formal announcement shared with MGW, the OAC is a committee within the broader GSA organization that brings together operators (such as casinos and lotteries) to gain awareness of, discuss and influence the direction of GSA standards.

It is an open environment where operators have an audience with technical and business staff from GSA and major developing suppliers.

GSA is introducing a new committee based membership level for an annual fee of $5,000.

“The OAC is a vehicle for operators to gain insight into, and direct influence over, the direction of GSA standards and by extension the direction of the larger gaming industry utilizing these standards,” says GSA President Peter DeRaedt. ‘This is an open forum where operators are able to discuss business and technical challenges they face in delivering gaming experiences to their customers and then build collective technical strategies that can help to reduce these challenges. The OAC has demonstrated a number of impactful changes to GSA standards, like development of the Player User Interface (PUI), that have practical applications to operators.”

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