Hospitality Industry Continues to Embrace Mobile Payments

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Hospitality Industry Continues to Embrace Mobile PaymentsMarriott International has just announced plans to become the first global hospitality company to offer Apple Pay.

According to an announcement from the hotel giant, this represents the latest step in Marriott’s creation of a complete mobile-powered travel experience.

Working as you might otherwise expect, guests using Apple Pay at check-in will simply bring their iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus or soon, Apple Watch, near the contactless reader at the front desk.

When their device responds with a subtle vibration and beep, the payment information has been securely captured. There will be no need to provide a credit card upon check-in.

“Approximately 75 percent of our guests travel with one or more mobile devices, and it is even higher among 25-35 year olds – a group that will make up a much larger proportion of our guests over the next three years,” says George Corbin, senior vice president of Marriott Digital. “Millions of customers already use Marriott Mobile to quickly book a hotel, check-in, or check out. Now, Apple Pay can make it virtually effortless.”

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