Kern County California Wants to Pull the Plug on Internet Cafés for Gambling

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A woman unplugs an electrical cordYeah, I’ll have a cheeseburger with fries and a Coke Biggie Sized. What, I thought this was a café? Oh, an Internet café, where you have multiple computers in one place and you can utilize the Internet in a public setting. Well Kern County has put the kibosh on real Internet cafés, but apparently there are Internet café’s online as well. Kind of like a group forum, or chat room.

The issue at hand with Internet cafés, according to onlinecasinoreport is, “it is very easy to participate in online gambling this way.” Phillip Walker, a member of the online café association of California says that, “all you need to do is visit these websites, get an ID, log into the account and then you can have access to online gaming.”

So, last time I checked, California hasn’t legalized online gambling. Consequently, “the FBI has warned players that they should think again before they visit these online gambling websites. The FBI website states that cyber companies and casinos that allow wagering or transferring of money for the purposes of gambling is strictly against the law.”

The appellate court of California has already ruled that these online gambling Internet cafes are illegal. However, that decision will now be reviewed by the Supreme Court of California.

There is still uncertainty on the fine line of this decision. Onlinecasinoreport states that, “On the other hand, the rules for online Indian gaming websites and online fantasy sports leagues are not as clear.” ”The laws of online gaming are hazy because there are many different types of online gambling activities – some are chance-based games while others are skill-based games.”

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