Locaid Campaigns Poised to Help Brands Optimize ROI on Mobile Marketing

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Locaid Campaigns Poised to Help Brands Optimize ROI on Mobile MarketingOn Tuesday, Locaid, the world’s largest Location-as-a-Service company and a formidable emerging player in the online and mobile gaming space, confirmed the launch of Locaid Campaigns.

Billed as a location campaign management platform built to help brands and enterprises in need of location-driven marketing, the campaign tools and SDKs are integrated into Locaid’s Location-as-a-Service (LaaS) platform.

The new SDKs add another dimension to Locaid’s Omni-Location service that gives customers access to any location source for driving consumer engagement, improving operational efficiency and enhancing market intelligence.

According to Locaid, its latest offering enables agencies and enterprises to deliver real-time, location-based marketing and consumer behavior intelligence, all via the cloud.

Highlighted benefits of Locaid Campaigns include:

  • Helps enterprises strengthen relationships with loyal customers by enabling “right place, right time, right offer” marketing
  • Increases store and venue foot traffic
  • Increases redemption rates with highly personalized offers
  • Gathers contextual insight on shopper redemptions, movements and engagement
  • Links channels by location and behaviors
  • Flexible platform gives users the ability to manage their profile, category interests, and frequency of offers received plus the offers are highly targeted, so opt-out rates are very low

“Location is the must-have enabler for every marketer,” explains Jeff Allyn, Locaid’s SVP Sales & Marketing.  “Enterprise applications in retail, hospitality, transportation, consumer goods and other industries are increasingly turning to location technologies to improve customer experiences. After embedding our Location-as-a-Service into their campaigns and platforms, our clients consistently see a 20% lift in mobile offer redemption and actions, all because of location. Physical world context is radically changing the mobile marketers playbook.”

According to details shared in this morning’s formal announcement from Locaid, last year, location-enabled advertising spending peaked at about 8% of total mobile advertising expenditures and this number is expected to increase to 33% by 2017. But while brands and retailers are investing big bucks in mobile campaigns, they are struggling to optimize the ROI.

“Locaid Campaigns solves this issue,” the company says. “With 97% of purchases occurring locally at brick and mortar stores, Locaid Campaigns™ uses location data to deliver valuable offers and content at the most contextual and actionable time via SMS, mobile apps, and within auto infotainment systems.”

For more information about Locaid Campaigns, click here.

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