Marketing Madness Persists Across New Jersey

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Marketing Madness Persists Across New JerseyAt a time of year when most are winding down and taking off from work, marketers across New Jersey are just getting warmed up.

Online, mobile, television, radio, and outdoor advertising channels are all ablaze with online and mobile casino marketing content in the Garden State, as marketers hope to squeeze some holiday cheer – and a few hard-earned dollars – from gamers in this freshly-regulated market.

“They are using every angle — every traditional media angle they can,” Donald Hoover, an expert on the casino industry and a professor at Fairleigh Dickinson University, tells “They are spending a lot of money advertising.”

And the blitz has only just begun.

“We will empty out our pockets in marketing dollars in 2014 and sort of judge things a year from now,” boasts Seth Palansky, a spokesman for Caesars.

The marketing push will be extensive, experts say, because the casinos and gaming operators have more to pitch than a simple product or service. A new industry has been born. And it will take some mega-marketing bucks to drive this market to the heights it is capable of reaching.

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