Mobile Game Industry Annual Summit Set for January in Xiamen

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Mobile Game Industry Annual Summit Set for January in XiamenThe 3rd Mobile Game Industry Annual Summit (MGAS) is scheduled to be held on January 13-14, 2016 at Xiamen International Conference Center Hotel.

According to details shared with mGamingWatch, the event is co-hosted by Mobile Game Entrepreneur Alliance (MGEA), the People’s Government of Siming District in Xiamen and Howell International Trade Fair Ltd., and supported by the Technology and Digital Publication Division of China’s State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television, Xiamen Municipal Government and related government authorities.

Under the theme of “Industrial Influence, Diversified Drives”, MGAS will review the development trends, hot issues and phenomena of the mobile game industry in 2015, and predict new trends of mobile game, virtual reality (VR) and E-sports business in 2016.

Based on the concepts of “IP”, “pan-entertainment” and “Internet+”, the mobile game industry became an important part of the game industry in 2015. With increased investment of funds, technologies, copyright and content, the vertical segments such as ACG culture, E-sports and VR have became new growth points of the mobile game industry with their excellent consumer acceptance, popularity and technology upgrade efficiency.

MGAS 2015 will present three theme segments named “Surprises of Mobile Game”, “VR Effect” and “Diversified Trends for Future.”

To learn more about next month’s event, click here.

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