Mobile Innovation Spotlight: Royal Wins Livens Up Mobile Gaming with Skill Hybrid Casino

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Mobile Innovation Spotlight Royal Wins Livens Up Mobile Gaming with Skill Hybrid CasinoBig news out of Australia on Monday. Sydney-based, start-up gaming studio, Royal Wins, has been hard at work pioneering hybrid skill gaming in the online casino sector since its 2014 inception.

If you’re not familiar, the company’s “pride and joy,” the Kash Karnival, is a freemium online gaming hub available on Facebook that boasts a hybrid betting experience for both skill and casino style gaming.

Today, the company has announced that they are fully ready to deploy the Kash Karnival gaming hub across all Android and iOS devices, to build on the successes of their Facebook version.

Head of Product and Creative Director, Myles Blasonato, believes that a vision to change the way a new generation of gamers consume online casinos by giving players greater control over a wagering outcome, is the right approach to truly disrupt a relatively bloated, slow and unprogressive industry, and to expand the existing online casino players.

“Today’s technology shows that there is more choice than ever in online casinos, but they are all fighting over the same ’55 year old housewife’ audience. We need to captivate a whole new breed of player,” says Blasonato, “Young social gamers who crave entertainment and want greater control in winning through their skill. We will meet this demand by ‘gamblifying’ skill and ‘skillifying’ chance games.”

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