Mobile, Social Gaming Companies Continue to Join Forces

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Mobile, Social Gaming Companies Continue to Join ForcesLast week, another partnership was forged in the world of mobile/social gaming – an occurrence we’re seeing with increasingly speed throughout this new year.

In recent days, San Francisco social and mobile game developer Ruby Seven Studios inked a deal with casino gaming device manufacturer Grand Vision Gaming.

Grand Vision boasts “decades of history” designing and manufacturing casino games which Ruby Seven will now bring to Facebook and mobile.

The first game published under the partnership is the classic slots title “Fire and Ice”. The unique design includes multiple expanding wilds, exciting bonus games, and proven engaging casino gameplay. The F2P version, “Evolution”, will expand on the core casino game, creating a brand-new slots adventure in which players explore the universe.

With the lines between social and land-based casinos continuously blurring, the two new partners are “excited to utilize one another’s core competencies to produce a new class of games.”

“The Grand Vision team has successfully proved out their slot game designs in casinos across the United States,” says Ruby Seven Studios CEO, Michael Carpenter. “We’re excited to take our social and live game operations expertise and bring incredible games like Fire and Ice Slots to millions of players on Facebook and mobile devices.”

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