Mobile Tech Taking Notice of Bitcoin

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Mobile Tech Taking Notice of BitcoinThe brainchild of an innovative tech-savvy startup in the Great White North, Nymi is the newest wearable technology from Bionym designed specifically for use with your bitcoin wallet.

Bitcoin, a peer-to-peer payment system and virtual currency, is a hot commodity across the digital space today. And the Canadian firm behind this new device, which can be unlocked via heartbeat, illustrates the growing interest in this pervasive payment mechanism for the 21st century.

Available now for preorder with a limited time introductory price tag of $79, the Nymi is a wearable solution that you can literally put your heart into.

“Say goodbye to passwords, pins, and even keys and cards,” the company promises. “The Nymi is the first wearable authentication technology that allows you to take control of your identity through cardiac rhythm recognition.”

“Authenticate once and remain authenticated until the wristband is removed. Move beyond passwords, pins and locks and interact with the technology that fills your daily life with proximity detection and task-based gesture control. The Nymi presents a new and exciting system that grants you access for being you!”

According to the company’s promotional materials for the new device, because a heartbeat is as unique as a fingerprint, those who lose their device or have it stolen will never need to fear unauthorized access to their personal or financial information. With widespread privacy and security concerns continuing to inhibit the growth of the mobile and digital payments industry, biometric alternatives to the easily hacked or hijacked password unlocks a world of exciting potential for this nascent industry.

So, do consumers have the heart for this new wearable payments technology? Check out the company’s first promotional video for the Nymi and judge for yourself.

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