mobileStorm, Locaid Boost Mobile Marketing for Casino, Gaming Industries

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mobileStorm, Locaid Boost Mobile Marketing for Casino, Gaming IndustriesLuck is being a lady for mobile marketing thanks to a new partnership between two top titans in their respective industries.

mobileStorm Inc., the veteran communication service provider that powers MobileMarketingWatch, mHealthWatch, and mGamingWatch, has announced the launch of two new cutting-edge products that will change mobile marketing as we know it for the casino resort and online gaming industries

Location-based SMS Messaging and AppMail are geared toward “revolutionizing casino mobile marketing. ”

With the reemergence and exponential growth of online gaming and the rapidly evolving mobile gambling industry, it is imperative for casino operators to intelligently reach customers who are constantly on the move and bombarded with often irrelevant offers and promotions.

To help make it all happen, mobileStorm recently partnered with Locaid, the world’s largest LaaS (Location-as-a-Service) company. Together they will provide the casino gaming industry with the most advanced geo-location messaging services available.

Whether a consumer is gambling online, betting in a sports book or strolling along the Las Vegas Strip, mobileStorm’s location-based technology, powered by Locaid, automatically detects the consumers’ geo-position and delivers relevant, real-time offers, which greatly improves conversion and redemption, mobileStorm said this week.

The other critical resource in this equation is AppMail. So what exactly is it?

mobileStorm’s patent-pending AppMail solution, designed to augment and seamlessly integrate with existing casino mobile applications, embeds an internal inbox exclusive to that specific application. Once a player downloads the application, the casino can use AppMail to send rich HTML content as well as trigger-based campaigns and push notifications, all of which are capable of leveraging mobileStorm’s location-based technology and may be set to automatically expire and deleted from the consumer’s inbox.

mobileStorm says AppMail easily facilitates the creation and execution of rich content and highly engaging mobile campaigns. This enables casino marketers to more effectively and efficiently send messages and offers, including check-in reminders, restaurant offers, slot tournament invites and even guest surveys.

AppMail messages are also password-protected and secure, so players “never need to worry about personal information being stored on or transmitted from their devices.”

According to Darren Withers, Head of Client Development & Casino Services for mobileStorm, “Appmail is the next evolution in delivering offers to players. The pervasiveness of mobile apps is unstoppable. Having an inbox within a casino mobile app gives communication power back to casino properties who are currently at the mercy of the US Postal Service, Internet Service Providers and cell phone carriers when sending offers to valuable players and guests.”

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