Moody’s Forecast Suggests Casino Gaming Growth

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Moody’s Forecast Suggests Casino Gaming GrowthLast month, Moody’s reported that the outlook for the US gaming industry “has been changed to stable from negative.”

The outlook was changed to negative in June of 2104 “due in part to declining revenues, but this trend has since reversed, with revenue expected to increase over the next 12 to 18 months.”

As a result of the report’s findings and projections, there is renewed optimism over the gaming industry’s prospects for 2015 an dwell beyond. And American Gaming Association (AGA) President and CEO Geoff Freeman is among those re-energized by the Moody’s report.

“Today’s Moody’s report highlights that even in the face of intense competition, the gaming industry is finding ways to grow and serve as strong community partners,” the AGA boss says.  “However, it’s incumbent upon state officials to review their gaming policies to ensure they promote innovation and reinvestment that will spur greater growth, create more jobs and provide additional tax revenues that support vital public services.”

“One immediate step officials can take is to crack down on illegal gambling by joining our ‘Stop Illegal Gambling, Play it Safe’ initiative, which is led by some of the most respected law enforcement leaders in the country,” Freeman ads. “By rooting out bad actors that prey on consumers and don’t contribute a penny in tax revenues, this effort is helping the regulated, licensed gaming industry grow and maximize the benefits we provide to communities across 40 states.”

Moody’s research subscribers can access the report in question here.

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