A New Gambling Stat That Mobile Marketers Should Not Overlook

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A New Gambling Stat That Mobile Marketers Should Not OverlookLocation, location, location. That’s more than just the mantra of the real estate industry. It’s also what mobile marketers may want to consider today when their online casino industry clients task them with connecting to prospective gamers.

“Three of the five municipalities where people are spending the most time logged on to some Internet gambling websites are within an hour’s drive of Atlantic City,” a new report from The Republic reads.

Although these gamblers “are not the same clientele who frequent the resort’s casinos,” opportunities to connect and provide relevant information remain.

Seth Palansky, a spokesman for Caesars Interactive, was recently quoted in an interview explaining that this data will enable the company to “better position marketing efforts” in the future.

For the time being, the company is still having a tough time finding a correlation between the cities most popular for online gambling and the company’s own marketing efforts.

“What’s interesting is there was no extra attention paid to any of these markets,” Palansky told the Press of Atlantic City. “This is only our first 100 days in the market. We really need year over year to get reliable enough data to take advantage of this more.

Caesars Interactive ranked more than 450 cities by time people spent logged in on the websites. The company, however, declined to say how much time was spent at each location. Palansky said the top 10 municipalities were significantly differentiated from the rest of the list.

With the regulated online gambling market being so new, Palansky is one of many gaming industry leaders closely watching the gamer data that pours in, as companies large and small across the online casino space search for newer and more effective digital marketing strategies.

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