New Review Process Rolled Out at Online Gambling Information Platform

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New Review Process Rolled Out at Online Gambling Information PlatformIn an age when more untrustworthy information may persist on the Web than trustworthy, independent reviews of betting sites have never been more important in today’s world of online gambling.

Such ethical postings are deemed an “instrumental tool for players seeking out real money wagering online” by the team at Online.Gambling.Org.

Launched last year as an online gambling informational web portal, Online.Gambling.Org is billed as a “one-stop resource for online casino gamers seeking a safe and entertaining gambling experience online.”

And now the platform is stepping up efforts to help individuals better determine which reviews are free of bias and which provide helpful information in the interest of the player.

Online.Gambling.Org has provided an answer to this dilemma by launching a new online casino reviews page, that gives players insight into its transparent review process, the factors used for approving casinos online (Accreditation, Reputation, Games & Rewards), and what to look for in an unbiased review in general (Tone, Specificity, Scope and Timeliness).

“The majority of reviews are written by affiliated parties of the casino being reviewed – a relationship which inherently comes with the potential of bias,” says Online.Gambling.Org’s Director of Affairs, Benjamin Thomas. “While there are some affiliates who objectively focus on pro’s and con’s, the vast majority of reviews just focus on the pro’s, or in some cases, create pro’s in favor of the casino that do not even exist.”

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