Online Gambling Impact Study on the Way

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Online Gambling Impact Study on the WayABC Net News reported this morning that researchers at Southern Cross University are conducting a study designed to explore the purported effects of online gambling games.

“Initial research showed about 13 per cent of gamblers play the social casino games,” today’s report notes, citing data from the lead researcher. “This piece of research is trying to look at whether these free play gambling games are leading people to engage in real money gambling and related problems.”

The report may show if and how social games have the potential to “normalize gambling.”

“They’re free to play, there are no regulations, they can be accessed by anyone including underage people and the concern is they’re making gambling seem like an everyday activity, something that’s harmless fun and everyone should engage in and share with their friends when in reality … gambling is an entertainment activity but it’s for adults only and there are certainly some significant risks,” the researcher is quoted.

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