Online Gambling Now Available In Atlantic City’s Resorts Casino Hotel

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Online Gambling Now Available In Atlantic City’s Resorts Casino HotelWhile the initial goal of making online gambling available in the state of New Jersey was to encourage residents to gamble in the comfort of their own home, the owner of Atlantic City’s Resorts Casino Hotel, Morris Bailey, is taking a fresh new approach by opening a live igaming lounge within the casino.

According to Casino News Daily,  the objective in bringing online gambling into his live casino is to break down the walls between traditional gambling and online gambling.

As an added bonus, guests new to igaming can receive help with everything from creating their online gambling account to depositing funds. They can even ask any questions they may have about the difference between playing their favorite casino games live and gambling online.

On top of that, the casino is now offering special kiosks where players can deposit funds that will transfer directly into their gambling accounts, without worry of the igaming funds being declined.

The hope is that those who are still leery of online gambling will be more inclined to gamble online, since it is now available in one of Atlantic City’s oldest and most reputable live casinos.

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