Online Poker is a Hop, Skip, and a Jump Away for California

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Online Poker is a Hop, Skip, and a Jump Away for CaliforniaAhhhhh! California! Surf…sand…and poker?

So, California is one of the next states trying to get online poker legalized. interviewed Mitch Garber, President and CEO of Caesars Acquisition Company. “Garber was asked about his predictions regarding the progress of legislation next year, and the bottom line is that he is very optimistic that we should be seeing online poker in the Golden State by 2015.”

Now, is this a done deal? Not until a consensus is built with the Native American Tribes that are working on a solid bill to satisfy all parties in California. Says Garber, “I think that the tribes have come a long way, actually, in some forms of consensus even though it fell apart.”

What keeps falling apart you ask? says it is the “lack of unity among interest groups.”

So is this “long way” a good start? Garber finished his last statement saying, “So if I look at where we were a year and a half ago and where we are today I think we’re close to a bill.”

How could this look on a political/popularity standpoint in the near future? Garber reassures readers that, “We’re not going to make our positions clear.” “I think we have the ability to influence some of the decisioning. And we’ll cross each bridge as we come to it.”

Bottom line is, no one is trying for singular control on this bill. Garber concludes that, “at the end of the day we want a bill in California.” The hope is to see this a reality in 2015.

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