Poker Fans Infuriated By McCain’s Online Gambling Contradiction

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Poker Fans Infuriated By McCain's Online Gambling ContradictionGambling proponents are irate at Senator John McCain for double-dealing on online gambling.  A Washington Post photographer caught Senator McCain, who once sought to ban online gambling, playing online poker during the Syria debate.

Wayne Allyn Root, a successful Las Vegas odds maker and ’08 vice presidential candidate, told the Daily Caller: “John McCain not only opposed online gambling, he might have been the strongest critic of gambling in Congress.  Obama and McCain are masters of that politicians’ art form — ‘Do as I say, not as I do’.  That’s a nice way of saying they are liars, cheats, frauds and hypocrites.”

Senator McCain made light of playing the VIP Poker game on his iPhone, however, he voted in favor of the 1998 Internet Gambling Amendment that would have criminalized making a wager online.  Fines for Internet gambling were upwards of $500 with a possibility of imprisonment.

“McCain supported prison terms for making a bet on your own computer, with your own money, in your own,” Root says. “He also supported banning betting on college games in Las Vegas, even though it has been legal and popular in Nevada for half a century.”

The proposed bill exempted Indian gaming, which was a major contributor to McCain’s political campaigns.

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