Poker Room Door Closed, Online Gaming Window Opened?

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Poker Room Door Closed, Online Gaming Window OpenedA recent article by Jason Kirk on made sensible arguments for two casinos that recently closed down poker rooms to look into variations of online gaming.

The poker rooms in question are attached to the M Resort in Nevada just outside of Las Vegas and the Revel in Atlantic City. The article notes that neither poker room could compete with the bigger players on the scene and due to economics, closings may be a foregone conclusion.

According to details shared in the report, M Resort attracts nearly 800 players for slot tournaments so the space may be more wisely used for those tournaments, and as for Revel, which is coming out of chapter 11 bankruptcy, they are finding ways to cut costs and create promotions to attract gamblers into their establishment to also play slots.

However, as mentioned in the opening paragraph, the article did note ways the two casinos could stay involved in poker.

Kirk discusses how tournaments could keep both businesses alive with poker tournaments. It is then suggests that if their respective states could form an online poker pact, that the online play could lead back to opening the real poker rooms.

Kirk states, “The online boom was what fueled the opening of rooms in casinos all around the U.S. back in the 2000s, after all, by giving players the chance to work on their game before trying it out in the more intimidating live environment.”

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