PokerNews Launches First-Time Poker Player Site

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PokerNews Launches First-Time Poker Player SitePokerNews has just launched to help poker newbies get acclimated to the  game.

The creators of the platform confess to being excited “to bestow the tools on our readers and how to play poker with wisdom and style.”

The vision PokerNews has for the newly created website is to “further the positive advancement of poker” by catering to players of all skill-levels, not just the advanced professionals.

All told, the site is geared toward helping first-time players ease into the game and develop their own style of play.

The content is presented in an amusing yet sensible way that will allow players to have fun when playing either at home or online for the first time.

The expanded content on the site presently includes Poker 101 articles that provide terminology and initial insight for beginners. Resources that offer unique takes on various aspects of poker are also available.

The creators have even recruited poker player and TV personality Michelle Orpe to help explain “what it is about poker that makes it so fun and interesting.”

PokerNews plans to publish additional content soon, including PokerNews strategy videos.

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