PokerStars Surveys Veteran New Jersey Player Base

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PokerStars Surveys Veteran New Jersey Player BaseAccording to a recent report from PokerFuse, PokerStars is actively surveying New Jersey residents about their gambling habits, brand opinions, and feelings toward legalized and regulated  online poker.

“If online casino games were licensed and regulated in New Jersey, how likely would you be to play these online?” is one question posed. “On a scale of 0-10 how likely would you be to recommend PokerStars to a friend or colleague?” is another.

The company also seeks to discover how likely players would be to use PokerStars if requisite licenses are ultimately obtained.

PokerStars has partnered with Resorts Casino Hotel to offer online gambling in New Jersey, however, ongoing suitability hearings will prove a challenge for the company and could postpone their go-live date until at least November.

This isn’t the first time PokerStars has surveyed targeted gamers. Last fall, questions posed on one of the organization’s similar surveys led to speculation that PokerStars was interested in developing a casino and sportsbook product.

An unidentified PokerStars representative confirmed that the they “regularly survey customers on a wide array of subjects to better understand their attitudes and activities.”

Auspiciously for the budding online gaming outfit, a March 2013 PPA survey for New Jersey residents showed “near unanimous support” for PokerStars from its customer base.

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