Registration Still Open for mobileStorm’s Casino Mobile Marketing Webinar on Tuesday

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Registration Still Open for mobileStorm's Casino Mobile Marketing Webinar on TuesdayOn Tuesday, February 11th, mobileStorm – a  veteran provider of mobile marketing solutions across multiple industries – will present a new webinar for casino marketers to highlight the growing power and untapped promise of mobile marketing in the casino space.

With the advent of mobile marketing, the casino industry has been dealt a winning hand. But for the casinos that fail to capitalize, they’ll be left to helplessly watch as their players are successfully courted by casinos that have already embraced mobile marketing.

Today, investing in mobile marketing is hardly a gamble for casinos. When it comes to tapping into the mobile channel for marketing, the house always wins. And you wanna know a little secret? Players win, too.

On Tuesday, Jared Reitzin, mobileStorm’s CEO and Founder, along with Darren Withers, mobileStorm’s Head of Client Development & Casino Services, will lead the webinar and walk attendees through the enormous potential that mobile marketing brings to the casino industry.

If you’re interested in checking out the free but valuable presentation, registration is still open. To double-down on your casino marketing savvy, click here and sign up for mobileStorm’s latest webinar.

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