Sky Betting and Gaming Focuses on New Tech and Real Time

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Sky Betting and Gaming Focuses on New Tech and Real TimeIn recent days, GBGroup plc, a self-touted specialist in identity intelligence solutions, inked a deal allowing Sky Betting and Gaming to be the first online gaming company to tap into its global identity transaction monitoring software.

The software in question is designed to aid fraud protection, improve operational efficiency and promote what the company calls “responsible gambling.”

The software enables the company to see a 360 view of its users – from initial compliance checks to monitoring player behavior – so they can step in when potential fraudulent activities and signs of problem gambling are presented. The software is already in use by the banking sector to identify fraudulent credit card use as well as financial transactions linked to money laundering activities.

“Today online gaming companies need to get the perfect balance between protecting the business from fraud and risk whilst serving their good customers effectively without unnecessary friction,” says Peter Murray, Head of Gaming at GBGroup. “To do this they need to prove that they have the ability to understand and know their customers, and can reliably provide a good player experience while performing rigorous security and identity verification checks.”

To learn more about GBGroup and their offerings, click here.

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