Social Gaming on a Rapid Decline?

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Social Gaming on a Rapid DeclineAccording to SuperData Research, just a year ago social and mobile casinos had over 109 million active users. But they are now down to 85 million users.

With the newness having faded, consumers are playing with less frequency. While it would seem logical that game developers would be on a major push to increase their userbase, the primary focus is actually elsewhere.

Although social gaming developers are undoubtedly looking to onboard new gamers, they are also – and more aggressively – looking for ways to generate more revenue from their remaining 85 million gamers. This can be accomplished by creating more bonus features, for example.

Having more fun features is also essential for remaining competitive, since new social gaming and social casino apps are introduced on a regular basis. Another tactic is to really know your target audience. While some social casinos cater to a younger crowd, more attract the attention of more mature gamers.

Amidst the growing competition of the online and mobile social gaming industry, new user acquisition has become increasingly important. By focusing on keeping the gaming experience fun for current users, while generating new revenue streams, mobile casinos should have no trouble remaining profitable.

Not just that, but word of mouth advertising is still an excellent way to gain new users, and it is 100% free.

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