Stratosphere Casino-Hotel Kicks Off New Marketing Campaign in Las Vegas

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Stratosphere Casino-Hotel Kicks Off Inviting New Marketing CampaignAre red carpets and velvet ropes a thing of the past in Las Vegas? That’s one question being raised in response to the attention-grabbing new marketing campaign of the Stratosphere casino-hotel.

The “marketing campaign, which masquerades as a cause, is appealing to a crowd of likely Las Vegas Strip visitors that’s less keen on nightclub bottle service or high-priced fine-dining and more interested in cheap drinks and freebies,” the Star Tribune reports, suggesting that the Stratosphere may be one of the first Las Vegas establishments to successfully pull off a common man marketing campaign that doesn’t degrade the coolness of the property being promoted.

Paul Hobson, the casino-hotel’s general manager, says their property is resonating with visitors who can be comfortable in their own skin “without the pretense.”

“Here’s to knowing who you are even if a bouncer doesn’t,” is one of the property’s slogans, according to the Star Tribune. “A bottle of booze should not be a mortgage payment,” is another popular phrase around the Stratosphere.

Before the Stratosphere launched the campaign, the 2,427-room casino-hotel flummoxed locals with 10 days of billboard advertising along Interstate 15 that simply said, “What happened to Las Vegas?”

Regardless of whatever “happened” to Las Vegas, the folks at Stratosphere are now doing their part to bring it back for those who may have previously felt turned off or talked down to by the leading establishments of Las Vegas.

The full article is worth a read. Check it out here.

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