That Was Fast: Delaware Celebrating Two Years of Online Gaming Operation

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That Was Fast Delaware Celebrating Two Years of Online Gaming OperationTime flies when you’re having fun — and growing a new industry.

It’s hard to believe, but it’s now been two years since online gaming arrived in Delaware. And despite a slower-than-expected start across the small regulated online gambling market in the U.S., Delaware’s real-money online gaming business is still chugging along just fine.

According to, Delaware has offered iGaming since November 8th 2013.

And the state has seen its “fair share of ups and downs” during that time.

In the beginning, it was estimated that Delaware would earn close to $5 million within the first year. The state has barely made the $3.5 million mark and that is within the first two years of operation. The big projections are one issue that every state has faced when starting online gambling. Even Nevada and New Jersey had predicted that they would earn massive amounts of cash in the first few years and have not been able to do so.

“The main problem with Delaware not being able to earn huge numbers in revenues is due to the population,” the report from explains. “The state has around 900,000 citizens, which makes the state much smaller in comparison to what other states could do with online gaming limited to within their borders. On average, the state has been able to take in about $156,000+ a month during the first two years of operation. This amount would have to be much more to meet the totals suggested by estimations.”

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