Tropicana Growing Faster Than Any Other iGaming Sites In New Jersey

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Tropicana Growing Faster Than Any Other iGaming Site In New JerseyIn November 2013, New Jersey rolled out online gambling. While 14 of the 15 approved online casino brands hopped on the bandwagon right from the start, Tropicana AC took a different approach, and waited until their online sites were perfected. They also knew that there would be common problems that the new online casinos would face and they chose to see what they were (and to safeguard against them) prior to their launch.

As a result Tropicana’s 2 online casinos are growing at a more rapid rate than any other online casino. In December of 2013, and generated $603,579 in revenue, but by March of 2014, they had grown by 40% to rake in some $1,895,826.

These numbers are made available each month in a report produced by New Jersey’s Division of Gaming Enforcement. While Tropicana AC’s results are indeed impressive, they are still in the No. 3 spot out of the 15 other approved online casinos. However, they are growing at the most rapid rate.

The No. 1 spot is held by Borgata which generated $2,753,420 in March for a gain of 8.9%. The No. 2 spot is held by Caesars Interactive, which generated $2,248,838 for a gain of 19.8%

If Tropicana continues to grow month-over-month at their current rate, they will knock out their competition in no time at all and take over the No. 1 spot. Their primary reasons for success are minimal technical and software difficulties, and they are, arguably, the most visually appealing of all sites.

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