VizExplorer Webinar Highlights How Casinos Use Operational Intelligence to Remain Competitive

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casinoVizExplorer announced this week the availability of the first in a 5-part video series focused on The Era Operational Intelligence (Oi), titled Why You need Operational Intelligence to Compete for the Entertainment Dollar.

Filmed earlier this month on location at VizExplorer customer FireKeepers Casino Hotel property in Battlecreek, Michigan, VizExplorer Founder and CTO Andrew Cardno opened the webinar with a deep dive into Oi.

Defining it as the next generation in data-driven decision-making that effectively delivers on the promise of Business Intelligence tools, he shared how VizExplorer software solutions give casino operators the ability to analyze live, fast-changing data and take immediate action.

FireKeepers’ senior executive team, including President and CEO Brian Decorah, VP of Slot Operations Steven Senk and VP of Marketing Jim Wise, then participated in a panel discussion led by Cardno.

“From an operational intelligence standpoint, VizExplorer solutions has allowed me to get everybody engaged, talking the same language, using the same tools, so we all achieve the same goal,” said Decorah.

To watch the video of this panel, click here. As for the second webinar in the series titled The Fundamentals of OI: How to Get It and Why You Need It, that is scheduled for June 8th.

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