Washington, Mississippi Look Toward Online Gaming Opportunities

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Washington, Mississippi Look Toward Online Gaming OpportunitiesCalifornia’s got company. The Golden State has long been considered the most likely state to next regulate and permit online gambling within its borders. But if the nascent efforts by two other states progress quickly, one or both may beat California to the punch in joining Delaware, Arizona, and Nevada as the only states to legalize online gambling.

In short, some lawmakers in Mississippi and Washington are finally ready to take real action to bring online gambling to their respective states.

Mississippi Representative Bobby Moak recently introduced the Mississippi Lawful Internet Gaming Act Of 2015, a bill that, upon its passage, would usher in the era of iGaming for his state. Whether or not the bill will pass and become law is another question. But the debate is happening as we speak, and efforts to legalize online gambling in Mississippi are moving forward.

The same goes for Washington state — a place where online poker was deemed a “felony” by lawmakers just eight years ago. House Bill 1114 (introduced by Representative Sherry Appleton) would at least pave the way for online poker to come to Washington, not a full array of real-money digital casino games.

Although past attempts in various states have been met with crushing defeat, many casino industry watchers believe 2015 is the year when online gambling will turn yet another corner by bringing new states into the fold — an effort that could propel a domino effect forward for the rest of the country in 2016 and beyond.

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