WeChat Checks in at Caesars’ New Resort for the Utmost in Mobile Convenience

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WeChat Checks in at Caesars' New Resort for the Utmost in Mobile ConvenienceWhen it comes to the “Internet of Things,” the folks behind WeChat want a part of this red hot tech market segment.

That much was evident earlier this month when WeCat (along with Caesars Entertainment and Ayla Networks) touted the creation of a new key app that’s indicative of the so-called “Hotel Room of the Future.”

WeChat’s potential was showcased during CES 2015 at Caesars’ new LINQ Hotel & Casino.

“While WeChat was originally a messaging app, it takes on new meaning in their new IoT-enabled rooms,” says Liang Hwei in a report carried by Yahoo News.

Hotel visitors will first have to download the latest version of the WeChat app. Once they reach their suite, they will be prompted to scan a room-specific QR code that will direct them to follow the specific suite they are in on WeChat.

“This effectively turns their smartphone into a remote, using WeChat as a platform to give hotel visitors control of all the room’s functions,” Hwei adds, noting that the solution enables users to do everything from turning off lights to changing temperatures in their hotel room.

As the push to truly mobilize the gaming and hospitality titans of Las Vegas continues, WeChat’s offering is right where the City needs to be — on the cutting edge of mobile conveniences.

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