Will Apple Watch Be Allowed on Casino Floors Next Year?

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Will Apple Watch Be Allowed on Casino Floors Next YearApple’s inaugural smartwatch hasn’t even been released to the public yet, but already some are wondering what — if any — industries may wish to limit the use of such devices in their facilities.

The most obvious business that may be concerned is the casino. Consequently, it isn’t yet clear if gaming facilities will restrict the use of highly intelligent wearables on the gaming floor, especially when they could conceivably be used in some instances to give players an unfair edge.

It’s a question — and debate — that’s been swirling around wearable technology for a few years now, beginning with Google Glass.

If we’re already hearing about Google Glass bans in casinos and other places of business, is it fair to assume that a large number of local and national enterprises – if not entire industries – will prevent Google Glass, Apple Watch, and comparable smart connected wearables from being used on their property?

And what about places of employment?

No one, naturally, is suggesting that technology’s evolution and advancement should be put on hold due to the uncertainty that looms over such revolutionary product releases. But there will be myriad concerns and questions.

And there’s a good chance that privacy and security concerns could initially inhibit the adoption of Apple Watch, Google Glass, and a host of products we’re yet to even hear about.

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