Will Online and Mobile Casinos Take Away Jobs from Physical Casinos?

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Will Online and Mobile Casinos Take Away Jobs from Physical CasinosThere are many concerns that arise when it comes to legalized online gambling — most are blown out of proportion, but some are, indeed, legitimate.

One such legitimate concern is that legalized online gambling may take away jobs in live casinos. Of course, this isn’t just a consideration here in the United States. It’s also a global concern.

As the Netherlands solidifies their plan to legalize online gambling, many are concerned that casinos will remove their live slot machines due to the drastically lower gambling tax for online slots.

Online slot machines, and online gambling as a whole, is only subject to a 20% tax, while live slots are subject to a 29% gambling tax. This has many of the 6,000 Holland Casino employees fearing for their jobs, not to mention the businesses that rely on casino customers as their primary source of revenue.

Only time will tell if casinos will indeed remove or reduce the number of live slot machines, or if consumer adoption for online slots will result in lost jobs. But the apprehensions will persist during this waiting game.

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