World’s Largest Mobile Casino Jackpot Awarded

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Every year, the jackpots won on mobile casino platforms grow larger and larger. And this month, the largest mobile casino jackpot in history has been claimed.

British Virgin Islands-based has just confirmed to MGW that one of their players has won “a record-breaking mobile jackpot of $11,610,536.59.”

According to a subsequent media release, Player ‘D.P.’ won this life-changing amount by betting only $1.50 using her iPad on the progressive slot Mega Moolah.

“I searched for casinos with big jackpots and up popped; this is the best moment of my life,” the winner was quoted in the release. officials say that the Mega Moolah jackpot continually grows with each and every bet placed. Any bet, even one as low as 25 cents, can randomly trigger a jackpot win.

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