Bet365 Dumps Online South Australia Volleyball Betting

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Bet365 Dumps Online South Australia Volleyball BettingAccording to a recent Online-Casinos report, TAB bookies have been instructed to block all professional and semi-professional groups from utilizing TAB fixed-odds services as “arbitrage” wagers.

Certain punters have been restricted access to markets by New Zealand’s TAB bookies.  Top TAB bookie, Mark Stafford, said that the restrictions only apply to a small number of bettors allegedly under the age of 20.  They are said to be using automated robot programs to exploit betting market irregularities.

According to Stafford, those punters not suspected of gaining an unfair advantage using computerized exploits would not be subject to the restrictions.  Stafford continues that they have a gallops punter whom wins every week, but is not using any of the aforementioned unfair methods.  He is permitted to participate.

Stafford also affirmed that the restrictions wouldn’t apply to Tote wagers, only for fixed odds, “and only if we are confident they are arbitraging.”

The Australian branch of Bet365 is in hot water for accepting online internet wagers on South Australian volleyball games.  Betting on South Australian State League volleyball matches is not permitted as part of Australia’s 2001 Interactive Gambling Act.  The match information was passed along to Volleyball S.A. officials from a supposed whistleblower whom claims to have overhead a telephone conversation.

South Australian gambling regulator, Robert Chappel, believes it’s plausible that Bet365’s error was inadvertent and unintentional.   Their first violation will be forgiven.  However, Chappel says that though possibly accidental, if Bet365 continues to offer betting in non-approved markets, then steps would be taken “to revoke their authorization.”

All volleyball betting has been removed from Bet365’s offerings.

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